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Latest Press

  • Max Plenke of Las Vegas CityLife April 20, 2012
    "At very least, Cayce Andrew's "Cold Sweat" remix should be added to your morning jog playlist." (Read More)
  • Jarret Keen of Vegas Seven Nov. 3, 2011
    "...Cayce Andrew’s squared-off and surging interpretation of “Velluto Blu...” (Read More)
  • Max Plenke of Las Vegas CityLife Oct. 20, 2011
    "...Cayce Andrew channels Crystal Method on 'Velluto Blu.'" (Read More)
  • Napping Duck of Fairly Coherent July 1, 2011
    "This song has everything good about the 90s but updated a little for the new decade with the remix by Cayce Andrew. ...this is the type of music you can image being played in one of those 'Smoking Aces' stylized Vegas action movies or maybe a grundgy strip club - either way, this is some music to rock out to. It's like anti-chillwave." (Read More)