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  • SiriusXM Octane Oct. 8, 2012
    Digital Summer "Forget You" makes #6 on the Big Uns Countdown this week! (Read More)
  • Todd Star of 100% ROCK MAGAZINE Oct. 3, 2012
    Opening track “Forget You” is a fun way to open the disc, as this is the ultimate F**k Off song. The guitars added by Clint Lowery don’t suck either. The thing that stands out unlike several of the bands counterparts is the emotional delivery of the lyrics. The blending of singing, screaming, and growling all seem to drop in the right areas and add depth to the different tracks. “Breaking Point” is another strong track. Another song that builds on this is “Fight Til I Fall.” “Broken Halo” (Read More)
  • Death Grip Clothing Oct. 1, 2012
    Digital Summer is a unmistakable modern rock band originating from Phoenix, Arizona. Made up of heavy/melodic guitars and raw emotional vocals, Digital Summer creates an edgy, powerful, yet soothing tone for a radio friendly world. Influenced by multiple music genres, Digital Summer is a rock band to the core, not a “trend” by any means. (Read More)
  • Lauren Wise of Phoenix New Times Sept. 26, 2012
    Since 2006, local band Digital Summer has been garnering fans from all over the country, with a Facebook count of almost 50,000 fans. They have a distinguishable style of heavy, melodic guitars and raw vocals that not only comes off as radio-friendly, but also sets them apart from other local bands. Hell, the Phoenix New Times even featured the band on a cover in 2008, noting not only their locally loved tunage but also their insane work ethic. (Read More)
  • Lauren Wise of Phoenix New Times Aug. 22, 2012 Digital SummerSee also: Digital Summer Drummer Ben Anderson Plays Contra on Drums See also: Local Hard Rock Band Digital Summer Hits the Road with Saliva Digital Summer is a popular fixture on the local rock scene, but its members have spent a great deal of the last year out of town, hitting up industry heavyweights and networking at festivals from coast to coast. The band's hellbent on solidifying their reputation on a national scale, and it's de... (Read More)
  • Rocknightmare Aug. 4, 2012
    Kyle Winterstein From Digital Summer Checks In RN: How is the tour with “12 Stones” going? Kyle Winterstein: It’s going ok. We hoped on the tour kind of last minute to help spread the word. It’s been cool because this tour is helping us get some of the bigger festival dates we are doing. RN: You had Morgan Rose from Sevendust guest on you last CD “Counting The Hours” Kyle Winterstein: He did drum tracks on “Anybody Out There” he really liked it so he did drums on the softer song on the alb.. (Read More)
  • Mike Deak of Aug. 1, 2012
    My rock star moment – with Digital Summer (left to right) Ian Winterstein, Jon Stephenson, Anthony “Guido” Hernandez, Kyle Winterstein and Ben Anderson. All summer long, I have been taking you to the front of the stage, to the VIP rooms and the after parties with some of the hottest rock bands to come through the area. My final destination was to be in Terre Haute, where I would meet up with one of my personal favorites in Digital Summer. In a typical show review, I would take you throug... (Read More)
  • Feb. 1, 2012
    Last Thursday, local rockers, Digital Summer, released an e-blast newsletter to their vast base of fans across America announcing their intent to start recording a new effort. However, the message doesn’t come without a price. Attached to the newsletter was a Kickstarter video (see below) with an in-depth explanation from frontman, Kyle Winterstein, about the passion they have for their fans and the music. Winterstein also notes that he and the rest of the band are seeking financial donati... (Read More)
  • Alison Richter of Feb. 2, 2011
    Digital Summer vocalist Kyle Winterstein pulls no punches when it comes to his disdain toward the music industry. As one of the most successful unsigned bands presently on radio and on the road, Digital Summer have been offered, and have politely declined, every possible configuration of record deal. Rather than turn over their rights or compromise their vision, the band, which includes Ian Winterstein – guitar and keyboards, Anthony Hernandez – bass and vocals, Johnmark Cenfield – guitar ... (Read More)
  • Benjamin Leatherman of Phoenix New Times May 8, 2008
    Besides getting its cult-like fan base to plant stickers on their naughty bits, the band's been successful at gathering and mobilizing a large audience, utilizing resources from their day jobs for their videos, packing shows, and getting local radio airplay. Digital Summer's radio-ready, melodic hard rock in the vein of bands like Staind and Linkin Park has really caught the ear of fans across Phoenix (Read More)