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  • Oliver Wang of All Things Considered - NPR Oct. 1, 2014
    In title and concept, the new tribute album Dionne Dionne is a great gimmick. But if you've followed the career of Dionne Farris, having her record an entire album of Dionne Warwick covers isn't an obvious move, names aside. It's an idea that took root some 20 years ago: Farris met guitarist Charlie Hunter while the two were on tour as members of hip-hop groups, she with Arrested Development and he with The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. (Read More)
  • D-Money of Soul Bounce Sept. 25, 2012
    Though she's been releasing music under the radar for some time now, Dionne created a mixtape, Lady Dy the Mixtape Part 1, in 2011 with the assistance of producer (and rapper) Count Bass D. (Read More)
  • Carton Hargro of Crib Notes Creative Loafing Dec. 14, 2011
    This year turned out to be a good one for soul music. We saw an ass-load of new releases from familiar faces, brand-new folks and artists we haven't seen in a hot minute. But, for me, 10 albums stood out as the cream of the crop in 2011. Signs of Life, Dionne Farris: You never know how much you a miss an artist until that artist drops off the map. That’s how I felt listening to Dionne Farris’ latest project — which is arguably the best CD of her career. (Read More)
  • JOHNNY LOPEZ of TMZ Dec. 7, 2010
    Dionne Farris was in Arrested Development and had a huge solo hit in 1995 with "I Know." Guess what she looks like now! (Read More)
  • Jessica Bakeman of North Country Entertainment Jan. 17, 2009
    While Dionne Farris said today’s music doesn’t give anything to anyone, her contemporaries agree that she gave everything to aspiring and future black artists. (Read More)