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  • Mike Usinger of Alternative Press April 1, 2013
    Hoist the Colors... mash Guiness-soaked Celtic music with Gypsy campfire folk, classic Americana, and gut-punch punk. (Read More)
  • Grinning Beggar of grinningbeggar.com Jan. 10, 2013
    ‘Miles To Go Before We Sleep’ is more than just a successful return for the band; they relit that fire found in ‘Second City’ and poured gasoline all over it. I am not a very technical person when it comes to music and rely on how music makes me feel. This album produces feelings for which words simply do not exist, from the opening notes of ‘Dance Through The Days’ to the closing notes of ‘KCT’....Every time I play this album, it’s like an epic journey that just keeps getting better. (Read More)
  • Drea of DyingScene.com Dec. 25, 2012
    I instantly liked this album the second I heard it. Hoist The Colors mix Celtic with traditional California punk, which makes “Miles To Go” completely refreshing. You won’t find one generic drinking song on this record. (Read More)
  • Chris Parton of CMTEdge.com Dec. 17, 2012
    Hoist the Colors bring a unique collaborative sound, fusing pop-punk energy with traditional Irish and country instruments like fiddle and mandolin. 'The beauty of this band is that there is nothing we can’t do, no genre or style we won’t explore,' says bandleader Josh Linden. For 'Gordie Lachance,' the Southern California band thinks back to the 1986 movie Stand by Me and borrows its theme of lasting friendship and growing up. (Read More)