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  • Bluesbunny of Bluesbunny Independent Music Reviews April 30, 2007
    Lara presents us with some fine examples of gentle yet bittersweet acoustic music. Although the predominate influence is Americana, it would be unfair to classify Lara in purely that vein. As well as the Nashville country influence there is also Greenwich Village folk and San Franciscan pop just under the surface. All of which makes her a bit of a cartographer of the American musical landscape in her own right. (Read More)
  • Tamara Turner, CD Baby, editor, CD Baby of CD Baby March 1, 2007
    With a femininely rugged constitution, like cigarette-smelling velvet and a “disillusioned but struggling to remain hopeful” edge to her heady, Stevie Nicks-like vocals, Lara Ewen’s style is one that evokes a constant stream of flashbacks from those moments in life that toughen our skin, give us our spine and strengthen our resolve; it’s that quality that seems to communicate, “I’ve been through some crap in my life.” (Read More)