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  • Wes Philips of Select-O-Hits Oct. 15, 2013
  • Babs Martin of Kickass Music Women Magazine June 22, 2013
    Wow, I have so much to say about Mandy Lemons of Low Society that I don’t even know where to begin. How do I tell you about her extraordinary voice, the legends in her Blues band, her soul diving lyrics, and her personal journey without turning this article into a novel? I don’t know, but I’m going to give it go. (Read More)
  • Steve Cottone of Low Society Blog Feb. 2, 2013
    "The singers’ vocals are so powerful and so full of spirit and exuberance; it causes one to be distracted by just how truly great the rest of the band is... " (Read More)
  • Hans Werksman of Here Comes The Flood Jan. 24, 2012
    “One of the best things in life is watching a blues band firing on all cylinders. One of the hardest things to do is capturing the excitement on tape in the studio....Low Society pulled it off.” (Read More)
  • Roger & Margaret White of Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine Jan. 1, 2012
    "These hipsters have taken southern country blues and super-charged it to a white-hot intensity." (Read More)
  • Gene Gregorits of Sex & Guts Radio Aug. 22, 2011
    “High Time is an audacious dirty blues record...If there’s anyone else doing something close to this right now, I haven’t heard it.” (Read More)
  • AMNESIANTOINETTE of the less led way Feb. 22, 2011
    "The brilliance of the album in its entirety is that it takes you on a trip that is akin to witnessing the origins of the Earth…with masterful acoustic duets, standard blues ballads and hard rocking roof raising foot stomping mania linked by the brilliant spirit of this married dynamic duo." (Read More)
  • Jimi Lalumia of Good Times Magazine Sept. 28, 2010
    “A real eye (and ear) opener for me was Low Society, a rumbling blues rock based band with a powerhouse female front person worthy of the late 60s glory days, but contemporary enough to sell lots of CDs and downloads right now. If they aren't signed by the time you read this, I want to know why!” (Read More)
  • Hans Werksman of Here Comes The Flood March 4, 2010
    “Seriously lacking in stage fright, Miss Lemons is able to scare the shit out of Joss Stone.” (Read More)