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  • WCRX Radio Oct. 1, 2012
    With Chicago’s rock scene seemingly to be a rest, six talented musicians are helping to revive Chi-rock together. Marina City released their very first EP, “In The Wake of Dreaming,” this past February, and have made huge waves already. So far, they have played Rockapaloozain St. Jackson, MI , hosted by Bam Margera and Brandon Novak and along with big name bands, such as Puddle of Mudd and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. They also played at the House of Blues as well as Columbia College’s Biggest Mout (Read More)
  • Fearless Radio Sept. 17, 2012
    Marina City came by the studio on September 17, 2012 to play some live music, talk about their debut EP, "In The Wake of Dreaming," and more. (Read More)
  • Alex Stedman of Columbia Chronicle Sept. 10, 2012
    From stolen equipment to trying to maintain friendships among six young men, Marina City has already experienced its share of hardships in the music industry. The group persevered to win second place at last year’s Biggest Mouth, a competition featuring Columbia musicians, played two shows at the House of Blues and performed at Michigan’s Rockapalooza. Though the group is primarily described as pop–punk, they said they will soon be flirting with music on the heavier side. (Read More)
  • Madaline Gbur of The Beat Magazine Aug. 4, 2012
  • Steve Dahlman of Loop North News July 23, 2012
    At House of Blues in downtown Chicago on Saturday, we went looking for the glamorous lifestyle of pampered rockers. The roadies to unload and load their gear, the luxurious dressing rooms, the groupies, and the thousands of adoring fans. A few minutes of “work” on stage strumming a guitar and then back to the fancy tour bus and on to the next gig. Wow, were we disappointed. (Read More)
  • Lucy Siddons of The Jitty May 1, 2012
    Marina City are a new Chicago act that recently attracted our attention. They haven't been going for a long time, and they certainly haven't had it easy, but they've demonstrated a determination and a will to succeed that's essential for survival in the music industry. (Read More)
  • Red Eye April 25, 2012
  • Heather Schroering of Columbia Chronicle April 23, 2012
    According to Alan, Biggest Mouth was the band’s second concert together. Its first was a sold-out show March 31 with Chicago rock group TheActionBlast at House of Blues, 329 N. Dearborn St. Alan said the members are thankful for the opportunities they had at Biggest Mouth. (Read More)
  • Steve Dalhman of Loop North News April 1, 2012
    Lead singer Ryan Alan belts it Saturday night at Marina City’s House of Blues. The new Chicago band, named “Marina City” after the mixed-use complex, performed for about 25 minutes in a sold-out show. They were the second act in The Action Blast, which featured Marina City and three other bands. (Read More)
  • Steve Dahlman of Loop North News March 30, 2012
    After $4,000 worth of gear was stolen from them a few weeks before “the biggest show of our lives,” Marina City did what any modern Chicago band would do – they logged onto social media websites and pleaded for help. (Read More)
  • Ashely Osborn of Highlight Magazine March 8, 2012
    Chicago local band Marina City had $15,000 worth of equipment stolen out of a Chicago parking garage last night. Thefts broke into their car as it was parked overnight. The band is working hard to raise money so they can play their debut show at the House of Blues in Chicago on the 31st with The Action Blast. You can watch the video and learn more information here. (Read More)
  • Steve Dahlman of Loop North News March 8, 2012
    Sometime between 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., as the band was at dinner, a car owned by rhythm guitarist Brian Johnson was broken into as it sat in a parking garage at 600 South Clark Street. The band had just auditioned for a music competition at nearby Columbia College, where two band members are students. When they returned to the car, they found the rear passenger side window smashed and the equipment missing. (Read More)
  • Steve Dalhman of Loop North News March 6, 2012
    Two t-shirts being sold by the band Marina City. Why? It is a surprise. ’We are printing t-shirts for an upcoming surprise that we’re going to [announce] soon,” the band posted recently on its Facebook page. (Read More)
  • Ivana Spadina of Ruthless Relations March 2, 2012
    We had the chance to join Chicago's own Marina City at their practice and sit down for an interview! These guys sure know how to joke! (Read More)
  • Steve Dalhman of Loop North News Jan. 26, 2012
    Six refugees from four Chicago bands have named their new group after the “two iconic towers in the heart of the Chicago skyline,” according to a rough cut of Marina City’s new website. (Read More)