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  • Chris of Culture Brats Nov. 23, 2012
    Hey gang! We've got something really cool for you today: a download of A Girl I Know's "Bang Bang Bang" remixed by Dirticow. But first, a bit about the track and the artists: A Girl I Know, the group consisting of actress Carolina Hoyos and actor and musical partner Kenneth Franklin, along with the help of Jeremiah Bitsui (known from the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad), join forces with the infamous Dirticow, who remixes the third in the series of their debut hit, "Bang Bang Bang." Di (Read More)
  • Jon Meyer of The Vinyl District Oct. 30, 2012
    “My earliest record collection included classics such as Run DMC, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Village People, Hendrix, even the Godfather soundtrack—thanks to my oldest brother’s budding relationship with CDs.” “But it was at (now defunct) Twelve Inch Dance Records in Dupont Circle and Yoshitoshi (now only a record label) in Georgetown that I remember how eager I was to mix Sasha’s “Be as One” with all of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Of all the material possessions I’ve ditched over the (Read More)
  • Jennifer of The Owl Mag Oct. 22, 2012
    "Beats, synths, an alluring female vocal that takes no prisoners…and you’re hooked. With catchy style and infectious joy throughout the video, if you’re not smiling by the end of this song, we know you have no soul." (Read More)
  • Matt Satterfield of Leading Us Absurd Oct. 16, 2012
    A Girl I Know’s “Bang Bang Bang” has recently racked up 45,000 Youtube hits in over a month. It’s a collaboration between actress Carolina Hoyos, actor Ken Franklin, and Jeremiah Bitsui who played Victor on Breaking Bad. The Invader! is the project of 22-year old Alejo Gonzales who hails from South Florida. Check out The Invader! remix of “Bang Bang Bang” here. (Read More)