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  • Justin of Music Under Fire Aug. 29, 2012
    The Paris remix-master Wize returns again, this time with a take on fellow countrymen Long Courrier‘s “Subway”. The dance vibe flows right through this with French lyrics layered right on top. (Read More)
  • Enda Guinan of Enda Guinan Aug. 18, 2012
  • Caveman Sound April 19, 2012
    Lilly Allen has got to be the queen of sweet sounding dirty lyrics. Her voice definitely does not give away the lewd things that tend to come out of it. Paris based producer Wize has done a number on her lyrically clever track Not Fair, adding an amazingly catchy beat that really carries well through out the song. He’s done a great job of keeping that pop flavor and grabbing hold of the well hidden, vulgar edge of the track. Just the right combo of dance beats and dirty grinds. (Read More)