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  • Old School of The Ripple Effect Music Blog Feb. 23, 2012
    I just listened to The Brothers Goldman 2011 release fOnkOlOgy. Bill Phillippe, a master composer and producer, as well as singer and guitarist, fronts The Brothers Goldman. It is cutting edge New Orleans funk, shuffle, blues and acid jazz. The blues meet funk and soul as The Brothers be squeezin’ lemons to make lemonade. James Brown is slow-dancing in his grave and Phillippe’s vocals makes him wink and smile. (Read More)
  • Bliss of The Pasadena Weekly Jan. 5, 2012
    THE BROTHERS GOLDMAN, Fonkology (Arkansas Street): (3 stars out of 5) San Francisco-based blues/soul veterans Bill Phillippe and Joe O’Loughlin get in touch with their inner Meters on this smoothly performed, rhythmically engaging platter. Dubbing their sound “tantric fonk,” they nod to blues, soul and funk legends with grooving, Hammond organ- and horn-riding tunes like “Squeezin’ Lemons,” “Nuts on the GO” and “fOnky Bottom.” (Read More)
  • Paul Pop of The POP Stereo Review Blog Jan. 5, 2012
    Sounding like some sort of Mississippi Delta Blues run through the jazz clubs in New Orleans and give a dash of funk for good measure. The Brothers Goldman are amazing musicians and each one of these tracks proves it. (Read More)