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  • Soundstamp of Soundstamp Blog Sept. 7, 2013
    This 7” is the first from Knoxville based Fat Elvis Records. Available in translucent blue or red, this release is a treat for fans of lo-fi, independent rock and roll. Blackfoot Gypsies already have a dedicated following in Nashville and around the southeast. With this 7” the duo will certainly continue to gain popularity and recognition. The recordings of these two tracks capture the energy that the band takes to the stage. Strong grooving rhythms, overdriven (Read More)
  • D. Patrick Rodgers of Nashville Scene Aug. 21, 2013
    Last time we saw local duo Blackfoot Gypsies, 50 percent of them were being arrested for vandalism and resisting arrest on Lower Broad — it was a kerfuffle that subsequently shed a little light on what some claim is an ongoing downtown problem. Anyway, the Gypsies don't just get arrested; they do indeed actually make music. Above you can see their brand-new video for "Don't Want to See Your Face," which was directed by sometime Cream/Scene contributor Seth Graves. (Read More)
  • Seth/Thoughts? of Break On A Cloud Aug. 21, 2013
    The Nashville western-rock duo Blackfoot Gypsies have just released the music video for the song “Don’t Want To See Your Face” from their recent 7″, The New Sounds of TransWestern. The music video consists of a montage of the band and friends exploring the attractions of downtown Nashville, as well as performing the song. The song itself is a jammin’ tune, with eccentric lead vocals by frontman Matthew Paige and hard-hitting drums by Zach Murphy. (Read More)
  • Lily Hansen of The B-Side Blog June 27, 2013
    Representing the 70’s both sonically and aesthetically the pair developed their first dose of swagger worthy, Stones-inspired rock ‘n roll as a background for Paige’s elusive, often metaphorical lyrics. Dictating a life of partying, girl chasing and the unwillingness to renounce their rock star dreams one can expect nothing but honesty from a singer who penned the lyrics, “Why you always crying? All you ever do is whine” (“Trouble.”) (Read More)
  • No Country For New Nashville May 18, 2013
  • No Country For New Nashville May 14, 2013
  • Penfold of The Ripple Effect Feb. 5, 2013
    his brings us to Blackfoot Gypsies first full length, On The Loose, which was released in August of 2012. I pre-ordered my copy. Now I hear what you’re saying. Penfold, you’ve been listening to this album since early August and we’re just now reading your recommendation? What can I say? You’re right. I dropped the ball on this one. It’s not as if I ever questioned just how awesome this album is. Nope. This album is spectacular. I’ve listened to it many, many times..." (Read More)
  • Penfold of The Ripple Effect Oct. 7, 2012
    Good lord! This dazzling duo out of Nashville, TN is determined to put the rock back in Southern music. A glorious mash up of vintage country and classic blues rock with a bunch of added distortion, their song submission nearly caused me to blow out my computer speakers I liked it so much! Similar artists include The Rolling Stones, Howlin’ Wolf, and Willie Nelson. You’ve got to hear this band! (Read More)
  • Chris Martin of The Examiner Sept. 9, 2012
    On The Loose is one of the more enjoyable listens of 2012. With each tune you are treated to raw unadulterated rock & roll and just when you think you have the band figured out they throw you a curve ball. The album is a cornucopia of rhythms and melodies and makes you wonder how two dudes can pull this off. I highly suggest you add this to your playlist, your ears will thank you. (Read More)
  • Paul Franklin of Native Magazine Sept. 1, 2012
    It's invigorating to see such a band that says "f*** it all" to the super-hip, trying-harder-to-be-cool-than-to-make-good-music attitude. They like to play songs that bring people together. Blackfoot Gypsies' energy and efforts are put into their songs more than into their image. You get the sense that they are simply themselves. While they dress strangely, and live strangely, it's impossible to imagine them any other way. And their product is better for it. (Read More)
  • D. Patrick Rodgers of Nashville Scene July 12, 2012
    Rainy day, how 'bout a fresh vid? Local blues- and country-infused rock 'n' roll duo Blackfoot Gypsies will release their debut LP, On the Loose, on Aug. 17, and they've just premiered their video for the tune "Don't Know About You." Directed by Cream contributor Seth Graves, the video features a lot of parking-lot jocularity and back-yard horseplay, not to mention a bit of performance footage and a last-minute cameo from East Side haunt Dino's. (Read More)
  • Jewly Hight of Nashville Scene June 28, 2012
    Blackfoot Gypsies make just as much noise with a two-man lineup. Singer-guitarist Matthew Paige and drummer Zack Murphy specialize in seriously overdriven blues-rock and the occasional wild-eyed, down-home instrumental. You can rarely tell what words are coming out of Paige’s mouth on their debut EP, but it doesn’t much matter. They (and their guest bassist/keyboardist) tear into the songs with the sort of abandon that can only come from players as young and riled as the Woodstock crowd was then (Read More)
  • Samir Shukla of Creative Loafing Feb. 29, 2012
    Making Keith Richards' riffs (circa Exile on Main St.) sound clean by comparison, this raggedy duo meshes rock, blues and country with funky rawness. It's all in good fun as the blokes rearrange vintage country with a glorious racket that only guitars, drums, and drunken howling can create, when in the right hands, that is. Sure, lo-fi is requisite here, but more akin to treble-laden bombast, not in the crappy sound sense. $7. (Read More)
  • Taylor McCune of This Week Magazine Feb. 24, 2012
    Instead I'll say this: I, a person who spends too much time listening to semi-electronic indie dance music, really like the Blackfoot Gypsies' sound. Too many "rock bands" are too one-dimensional, but these guys have blended so many styles of music together-fantastically-that I couldn't help but dance in my desk chair as I listened to both of their albums all the way through. The Blackfoot Gypsies is Matthew Paige, singer and guitar player, and Zack Murphy, drummer, both from Nashville, Tenn. (Read More)
  • Ali Pritchard of Indie Music Mag Feb. 23, 2012
    With an obvious love of blues and country music of past, the band combine the electrifying guitar playing of Keith Richards and Thunderous drumming of John Bonham with tales of whiskey and heartbreak. Whilst singer Matthew Paige's ragged vocals recall that of a young Jack White. This is booze soaked unadulterated bluesy rock and roll, they way rock and roll should be. The lyric from their song "Dance" could even serve as the duo's manifesto, "we are gonna keep on rocking til the day we die." (Read More)
  • Kate Abernathy of The Angry Grad - The Life of a Modern Day Master Feb. 12, 2012
    This two man band packs more punch than a kick to the face. Their fast-paced, catchy tunes may cause rowdiness and an urge to drink jack and waters until your lights go out. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a band who will get your heart pumping the Blackfoot Gypsies out of Nashville, TN are it. To be honest, we rocked so hard, we had, we had to call it a night early. (Read More)
  • Kyle Cannon of The Music Initiative Feb. 1, 2012
    Sounding directly from the backwoods of an undisclosed moonshine distillery somewhere in central Tennessee, the opening lick of "Coming Through the Pines" invoked raised fists and swigged shots in honor of those influential to the Blackfoot Gypsies, such as Jimi Hendrix, MC5, and The White Stripes. At this point, if you didn't like the loud, fierce, tenactiy bombarding the room like musical mortars, you better had gotten out before "Statesboro Blues" caused a shock-wave so powerful that it stopp (Read More)
  • Downcaster of The Downcast Jan. 4, 2012
    Nashville's swaggering Blackfoot Gypsies ended last year by releasing a very cool, very free EP full of ragged, Rolling Stones and MC5-inspired country/blues rock called "Dandee Cheeseball." It has the bombast of reckless experimentation with unmarked pharmacy bottles from grandma's medicine cabinet, tempered with a sturdy appreciation for the bluesier side of late, late sixties rock 'n roll. Pretty rad... (Read More)
  • Travis Swann of The Murfreesboro Post Oct. 27, 2011
    “It fits like O.J.’s glove,” Murphy jokingly noted. “You can do more with less. We’re not doing anything with any technology. We function that way successfully. If it’s not broke then don’t fix it,” Paige said. And by working with less, the end result is a forceful rock ‘n’ roll sound that crosses paths with several different genres and stands out as truly American most of all. Paige and Murphy are full of get-up-and-go, and they charge forward with grooves and rhythms... (Read More)
  • No Country of No Country for New Nashville Sept. 14, 2011
    Blackfoot Gypsies are a Nashville based roots based rock band formed by the melding of guitarist and singer/songwriter Matthew Paige and drummer Zack Murphy. They combine slices of Bob Dylan’s folk with Robert Johnson’s blues, and, more notoriously, they overdrive it into your face with the force of a Led Zeppelin. It’s a jam band, a rock band, and a blues band, as these two guys solidly command their instruments and the venue. (Read More)
  • Brian Tucker of Star News Sept. 7, 2011
    The weekend’s most explosive show. This Nashville duo of guitarist/singer and drummer is a high haired mix of sixties garage band sounds and caustic 70’s rocker blues through a psychedelic filter. Its bare bones rock music (handclaps and “Stick Fingers” guitar riffs) that’s a blend of Stonesy swagger and T.Rex spaciness. Think Wolfmother but more grounded in the rural south. It sounds fiery on a tiny computer speaker and may just set the Satellite on fire Friday. Bring Kevlar jackets. (Read More)
  • South Rail of The South Rail Music Blog Aug. 10, 2011
    We’re always a sucker for a vintage-influenced blues/rock 2-piece… and Nashville’s Blackfoot Gypsies are defiantly hitting that mark. We recently discovered this guitar/drum duo and are eager to catch a live show and see what these guys are all about! They won’t be swinging by Chattanooga, but they’ll be roaming the south the next couple of months, covering Asheville, Charlotte, Nashville and a few more. Catch all show dates here. And also check out a couple of live performances and some tracks (Read More)
  • Danielle Look of Nuvo - Indy's Alternative Voice April 19, 2011
    "The Blackfoot Gypsies reside in Nashville. That’s the city wherein two unique souls found common ground in their distinct upbringings. One half of the band (Matthew) is the child of a Boston-native father and a New Orleans-raised mother, resulting in “some strange breed of Irish and coon-ass”; the other (Zack) was strongly urged to learn violin at the ripe age of three by his parents, but ultimately rebelled in response to a natural desire to drum. (Read More)
  • Jewly Hight of Nashville Scene Dec. 9, 2010
    "There was a time not all that long ago when no self-respecting twentysomething band would’ve wanted to cop to playing any music as meaty, swaggering and devoid of irony as classic rock — not with all their peers favoring rock of an indie variety. But that day’s past — or it’s passing — and the two young guys in Blackfoot Gypsies churn out ’70s-inspired, blues-infused rock ’n’ roll with abandon. (Read More)