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  • Chloe Maughan of The Abacus Post Aug. 8, 2012
    It’s been a busy year for Teesside based five piece, Cattle & Cane. Having just recently signed a publishing deal with Strictly Confidential UK, Tri-Tone and Sentric Music off the back of the success of their 2011 releases: ‘Sold My Soul’ and the self-titled Cattle & Cane EP, but that hasn’t stopped them from treating fans to two new video recordings from Wynyard Chapel. For those of you who are yet to become acquainted with the band, their music is what the BBC describe as “life-affirming... (Read More)
  • Lauren Rutter of THE 405 May 13, 2011
    Cattle & Cane have come a long way in a short space of time. A little over a year ago the band formed as a brother and sister duo with John Hammill on guitar and lead vocals and sister Helen on lead vocals and keys. Since then the band has expanded to included another brother Frank on bass and Paul Wilson on drums. The band have had a huge impact on the local music scene on Teeside, seemingly going from virtual unknowns to playing the BBC introducing stage at T in the Park. To think that t... (Read More)
  • Jennifer Cauley of Glasswerk May 11, 2011
    THIS could be the start of something very special for one young North Eastern crew. Bursting onto the scene with their debut EP ‘Sold My Soul’, Cattle and Cane have fused the depths of lyrics, acoustics and passion with that tricky little minx known as ‘memorable’ to create a cracker of a first release. Intense romance played out through some powerful pieces of instrumental guitar, their melodies are razor sharp, their intentions clear. This ain’t no airy fairy fo... (Read More)
  • dvdmcn of April 27, 2011
    If anyone is following me over on Tumblr (I know you’re not, but you can if you like), you might have seen that I was at a gig last night…. A Tuesday night in The Water Rats, watching a support band playing their first gig in London wouldn’t normally inspire confidence, so I have to say I was hugely surprised to see this band, Cattle & Cane play a really storming set. They fall slightly left on the Mumford scale of nu-folk, they write sings that even in a Kings Cross dive bar, sound huge. ... (Read More)
  • Hannah Spencer of Contact Music April 14, 2011
    Another gem from Teeside, Cattle & Cane are a quartet that fuse together a wealth of folk, indie and blues influences and, on this their debut EP, showcase a mature and refined, fantastic sound that combines powerful choruses alongside contrasting gentle tenderness of the likes of Shady Bard and Fleet Foxes. The EP's title track opens with an intricately picked guitar introduction sounding a bluesy folk vibe right from the off beneath Joe Hammill's smooth vocals. As the track pushes into ... (Read More)