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Latest Press

  • Ian Urrutia of Vandals on the Wall Nov. 6, 2012
    "If there’s any justice left in this world, Cerumentric’s new single “Beloved Beautiful Noise” will keep you swooning from Halloween towards the end of summer, holding up against some of the finest modern synth-pop releases in the last two years...it threads on similarly forested terrain, pounding on heavy industrial synthesizers and sunshiney gloom with a utopian disco stomp from 1983...nobody does it quite refreshing and brooding like Cerumentric." (Read More)
  • Sheng Gonzales of Music Blog Nov. 11, 2011
    "CERUMENTRIC never fails to amaze me with his music. The latest release is from Indonesian netlabel Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records. Both tracks are my favorite, and these are what I need right now... Listen to the 2-track juicy bits of synthrock, it gives you chills every time." (Read More)
  • Akhmad Alfan Rahadi of YES NO WAVE MUSIC Nov. 11, 2011
    "CERUMENTRIC is a synthrock band from the southern part of Manila, Philippines. CERUMENTRIC has been nominated twice in the Asia Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA). The band’s music is heavily influenced by punk rock and classic pop songwriting, throbbing basslines, energetic beats and an often sharp synth melody is the main appeal of CERUMENTRIC’s music. It emits a unique vibe of sexiness and sensuality that can fuel your late night party til dawn and the next dawn and the next dawn." (Read More)
  • Lionel Valdellon, Acid42 of Music Blog July 7, 2011
    "Reality Rock is a 2009 album from Manila-based singer-producer Erick Antonio Fabian Sr. aka Cerumentric. Forget the scientific sounding name, his music is all about putting punk back into synth music... ...littered all over the album are angsty expressions of rage and isolation, peppered by loud, distorted keyboard melodies and dizzying delay effects. Punk music with a casiotone and a PC. Gotta love it!" (Read More)
  • BUG of Urban Guitar Sayonara - Japanese music blog Dec. 4, 2009
    ""...predominantly made up of unconventional pop sounds, the rich and colorful arrangements are ear-grabbing. The songs are mainly sung in a manner that deviates from the soft romantic singing or impersonal robot-like voice reminiscent of synthpop, heard in a way that is wave-like and emotional. The singing has an unsteady characteristic, I think, but the music has huge melodies! This kind of pop music can become popular." (translated from orig. Japanese text) (Read More)
  • Jay Johar of Planes and Copters Nov. 22, 2009
    "Filled with melodic hooks, grooves and bloops combined and a knack for crafting wonderfully imagined songs with some help from technology, Cerumentric's album is an incredible amalgamation of passion, disillusionment, honesty and hard work." (Read More)