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Latest Press

  • Lauren Landry of BostInno June 22, 2012
    To learn more about the life of a “busker” — the term used for a street performer — we asked Gniadek a few questions. And after you read her responses, we suggest you go listen to her music and say hello to her on Newbury Street. (Read More)
  • Annie Ropiek of NPR July 22, 2010
    To me, there’s nothing forced about her lyrics though they fall in perfect rhyme and rhythm, and nothing boring about her guitar though it’s simple and repetitive. Music is an emotional experience — a few familiar chords can inflict a flash mood change, and “Awake” always hits me with that perfect kind of romantic melancholy, the kind that makes you fall in love anew on each listen. (Read More)
  • Ross Christopher of awakenmusic June 28, 2010
    Her vocals are clearly her bread winner! Combine crystal clear vocals and catchy lyrics with the depth of her songwriting and you have a star in the making. (Read More)
  • Wildly Haskell of Wildy's World May 13, 2010
    Christa Gniadek surprises with No One's Dolly. On first blush you might dismiss her low-key style, but if you listen closely there is a great deal of life in the still waters of Gniadek's muse. No One's Dolly may not be Gniadek's debut, but it will certainly serve as a worthy introduction to a young artist whose only going to get better. Christa Gniadek will charm you if you let her. (Read More)