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  • Dave Sumner of Bandcamp Daily Sept. 1, 2016
    “This is post-music. Some jazz, some folk, some pop-rock, some minimalism, some of this influence and more of that influence—and all of it is one step ahead of the current day. It’s the Music of Tomorrow, now.” (Read More)
  • Ralph A. Miriello of The Huffington Post July 23, 2016
    "The multi-talented artist John Hollenbeck has been serving up a cornucopia of music that defies categorization since his debut as a leader back in 2001. Besides being a versatile and talented percussionist, Hollenbeck is becoming more generally known as an acclaimed arranger/writer of adventurous music for multiple formats." (Read More)
  • John Kelman of All About Jazz July 3, 2016
    “The bottom line? Every member of Claudia Quintet is a virtuoso; and while that may be true, the beauty of Claudia Quintet is that it's a collection of five outstanding players whose focus is on the music, not unnecessary displays of pyrotechnics...though there was certainly more than a few sparks flying during their Back Stage appearance.” (Read More)
  • Peter Hum of Ottawa Citizen June 30, 2016
    "Rigorously executed but earthily grooving, dauntingly precise but flecked with hearty and intriguing improvised solos, the quintet’s set buzzed with freshness and vitality from start to finish." (Read More)