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  • Josh Johnson of The Deli New England Aug. 22, 2012
    Boston's Cowgill, named after lead singer and guitarist Paul Cowgill, have built up quite a following in their hometown. That following has recently expanded due to the six-piece band's first major tour, which hit Brooklyn, Chicago, and Washington DC. In addition to their extensive touring, Cowgill released their debut album, "Side One of Planted," which features five songs that show off all of the band's different influences. Read on to learn more about Cowgill's name, future albums, and the... (Read More)
  • Sean Clancy of DigBoston Aug. 7, 2012
    “If people like us in Boston, they don’t need to worry anytime soon. Slash ever.” THANK GOD. In their time as a band, folk-rockers Cowgill have released an album (Side One ofPlanted), performed for Occupy Boston, and played just about every local venue you can name. Twice. Oh, that “time as a band” bit? Just over a year. We spoke with half of the sextet—Paul Cowgill, Dan Weissman, and Ryan Rivers—in advance of their pre-tour sets at the Harvard Medical School Quad and Plough and Stars... (Read More)
  • My Old Kentucky Blog June 13, 2012
    Cowgill is generating a little buzz in Beantown hot on the heals of their recently released debut long-player, Side One of Planted. The band’s gumbo feels equal parts rock and folk, with just a little gypsy splash for flavour. The final product often recalls vintage Waterboys (hardly a bad thing) and should have no problem finding favor with fans of the rootsier side of rock’s tracks. MOKB is mighty happy to make the acquaintance of Cowgill, and premiere their latest single, I Think I’ve B... (Read More)
  • Jon Hillman of Allston Pudding review - COWGILL (MIDDLE EAST 2/6) Feb. 14, 2012
    Photo Credit: Sarah Barges When Boston’s Cowgill formed in the summer of 2011, Paul Cowgill made a totally appropriate, if not somewhat ironic choice. As the group’s wistful lead singer and songwriter, there was no denying the heart of the band laid with him, hence the namesake. But in truth, it’s the musicians and instrumentation that encompass Paul Cowgill’s folksy pop melodies that truly differentiates this indie-rock sextet. This is not to accuse Cowgill of megalomania. The lead man’... (Read More)