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Latest Press

  • Gotta Dance Dirty July 19, 2012
    Our fellow Los Angeles resident, Dan Sena, has been in the studio lately with the legendary Del The Funky Homosapien and the stunning vocalist of Loquat, Kylee Swenson. You’d probably think that this trifecta would produce something quite out of the ordinary, and you’d be right. Soon to be released on Dim Mak, the track, ‘Song Of Siren,’ is unique in every sense of the word. (Read More)
  • Laura Dambuleff of Media Contender Aug. 31, 2011
    Our friend Dan Sena is no stranger to music; having originally focused his career on hardcore bands and the like, Dan has now etched his mark into the electronic scene. That mark, aided by Dan’s immense drive & passion, continues to grow and root its way deeper and deeper, so it comes as no surprise that 2011 has been a wild and eventful year for the Orange County beat maker. (Read More)
  • Sahar Jahani of OC Weekly Aug. 9, 2011
    Orange Country DJ Supreme, long-time resident spinner of the Detroit Bar, Dan Sena, recently released his newest EP titled, Candy Floss Art Capitalism. From being part of the indie-emo band Give Until Gone to punk-rock group Bullet Train to Vegas, the Santa Ana native has done it all. (Read More)