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  • Mickey Weems of April 6, 2012
    Now that the Winter Music Conference is done, we have the winners of Beachmonkey WMC Awards. Categories include Best New Venue, Best Venue for Pool Party, Best Female DJ, Best Male DJ, Best Female Vocalist, Best Male Vocalist, Best Event and Best Innovations. (Read More)
  • Mickey Weems of Dec. 8, 2011
    The DJ (for disc jockey, an entertainer who plays vinyl records or discs) is an important folk artist in the LGBTQ community. As the selector of music for nightclubs, bars, strip shows, outdoor venues, parade floats & bathhouses, the DJ sets the musical ambience of an event. Within Gay male folklife for Leather, Bear, and especially Circuit communities, DJs may gain iconic status, and even take on the trappings of shamanic guides who can transform a night of dancing into a religious experience. (Read More)
  • Mickey Weems of EDGE Boston April 8, 2011
    Coverage of Winter Music Conference 2011 with focus on the GLBT events and performances, including the 2011 JustCircuit Awards at LUX in Miami Beach. (Read More)