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Latest Press

  • Nikki Talotta of Weekly Volcano Sept. 24, 2012
    Post-rock, electo-punk, shoegaze, trip-hop, future punk, whatever you want to call them, Death By Stars creates danceable, sweet, loud and relatable music. The band has a strong onstage presence that is a continuation of the band's heady, out-of-this-world music. Music flashes in time, and you can tell that if the band members didn't have to have control of their instruments they would be exploding with enormous dance moves (Read More)
  • Rev. Adam McKinney of Weekly Volcano Oct. 26, 2011
    Combining the biggest, most direct qualities of punk, electronica and psych-rock, the band has cooked up a cutting, immediately hooky sound. There's an invigorating quality to Death By Stars that seems to transcend their basic formula of spacey, psychedelia-informed vocals encased in programmed beats, exploding into life-sized dance-punk refrains. In a live setting, Death By Stars veers into performance art territory, with light shows and costumes. (Read More)