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  • Farrah J. Fard of Laparadiddle.com June 14, 2012
    Solo electronica artist, D. Gookin, has been lighting up the Brooklyn music scene and venues throughout the city, including support shows for acts such as Body Language. With his new album release coming up in July, D. Gookin will be performing at the Renaissance Hotel on the Boston waterfront on June 22nd. If you know D. Gookin’s music you may say, ‘What does he have to do with Tool’? Um, duh, because they’re both awesome to listen to. But really, our influences don’t always produce artis... (Read More)
  • Rebecca Hosking of Skope Magazine March 26, 2012
    In numerous of my articles I talk about people in the business and their goals and what they did to get where they are today. It is a good rule of thumb to study others who are already making a living doing what you want to be doing. Their journey can help you find your place in the business and eventually find your own niche. D. Gookin is no stranger to hard work but has his own ideas, and well, it’s been working pretty good for him so far. Mike Birnbaum, aka, D. Gookin is a songwriter, p... (Read More)
  • The Ripple Effect Sept. 23, 2011
    I stormed into the claustrophobic room and slammed my hands palm down onto the table situated in front of the suspect. “Listen up Gookin! I’ve had enough of your games. Do you realize how much trouble you’re in? Wipe that smile off your face!” “Detective Penfold, I don’t understand you. Only a moment ago we were having a nice, pleasant conversation. You left the room in a jovial mood, but now you’re back and clearly upset. Why is that?” “Hey! I’ll ask the questions here Gookin. Got that... (Read More)
  • Pulp Magazine Aug. 4, 2011
    (D.Gookin poses with the PULP LOGO; not a backwards guy but.....) .Venturing miles to find you new music, PULP recently found itself interacting with those 'over the pond' - New Haven, Connecticut, USA, to be precise. Without wanting to sound too much like BBC Introducing, the underground music scene is home to hundreds (maybe thousands) of talented musicians, we aim to uncover these hidden gems, bringing to light superb artists which you can add to your musical libraries. In short, we are... (Read More)