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Latest Press

  • Hi Good Music Dec. 5, 2012
    Exceed hammers out another dark and ominous track. I still can't believe his tracks aren't reaching a massive audience. He's the master behind the epic original "Ditty Ditty", as well as the steller remix of High Top Kicks' "I Want You". (Read More)
  • Smokey of The Dankles Dec. 4, 2012
    “Souls” is a dark and metal-laced dubstep tune that is filled with mosh-pit starting melodies and haunting samples, fit for any grime-loving dubhead. Now what makes this song extra awesome is Exceed‘s ability to combine the ruthlessness of a dubstep track with the hard-hitting elements of a metal song, which as a metal fan really caught my ear when I first heard the track. So for those in need of something a little more on the evil side, venture into this graveyard anthem. (Read More)
  • Smokey of The Dankles Oct. 26, 2012
    “Letterman Straight Jacket” takes a very poppy and Datsik-esque approach, taking the listener on a poppy yet swerve-filled trip through grimey bass frequencies. With extremely fine-tuned vocal work and glitched-out drum kicks, Exceed is cookin’ some serious heat in the bass kitchen, and you’d be doing yourself wrong by not listening to his new track AND the bonus track below it. Show the dude some love on his FB and SC and get down to some epic bass! (Read More)