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  • Myriah Christine of Resonance Vibes Sept. 18, 2011
    As we journey through the waters of life, we navigate toward our hopes and dreams. Life can be topsy turvy for a time, but ultimately we keep the horizon in view and travel ever onward. Exit 451 puts this life voyage into a musical ebb and flow. “Seek it all and follow your calling” says “Where the Sea Meets the Sky.” We do our best to steer clear of turbulent waters. And yet, the most beautiful moments of life sometimes require that we face the storms head on. “Western Child” with its chi... (Read More)
  • Rachel of Afresh Magazine Jan. 13, 2011
    Interview Questions for Afresh Entertainment Magazine Afresh: What is your name, and name your group/band/act? Afresh: Where are the artists from? What is their talent in the group? We’re a trio from Montreal (Canada). We’re a pop-rock band with a hypnotic twist. Afresh: How did the artist/band get their name? In 2005, we re-opened a famous recording facility and re-named it ‘The Bank Studio 451’ because it was originally built in an old bank. The 451 digits are simply the address of the (Read More)
  • Jade Sperry of NXEW Oct. 19, 2010
    CD Review – Exit 451 – The Sea Above The Sky Released: 19 October 2010 by Jade Sperry JadedPhotography Exit 451 LP cover to "The Sea Above The Sky". The dynamic Montreal trio of Alain Avon (guitars, piano, keyboards and backing vox), Martin Avon (bass, arrangements and backing vox) and JP Alepins (lead vox, backing vox, lyrics, Kaoss Pad and piano) have released a stunningly beautiful package of music to the masses. Beginning with the haunting “You Exist”, this is a song that has tripped... (Read More)