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  • Lydia Jenkin of The New Zealand Herald Aug. 30, 2012
    Having agreed to meet the young lads of Five Mile Town at an Auckland bar for their interview, one unspoken question arises before they're even seated - are they old enough to be offered a drink? As it turns out the answer is both yes and no. Double bass player Levi Heeringa is 17, as is lead singer Louis McDonald, while guitarist Adam Quigley and newly recruited drummer Ryan Wilson are both 18. (Read More)
  • Ben Martin of NZ Musician Magazine July 31, 2012
    There are some gorgeous moments throughout this five track EP, with singer Louis McDonald’s soulful voice the main attraction as he guides the listener through a number of catchy and pleasantly surprising melodic lines. Instrumentation is subtle and skillfully arranged, with banjo, mandolin and double bass all contributing to the folky undertones of the record. Overall it’s a polished, well-defined sound, one that would sit comfortably on a playlist with UK based Mumford & Sons (Read More)
  • Hannah Spyksma of The Auckland Central Leader March 30, 2012
    So they travelled to Wellington in early March and recorded a video for their single Saturated with the help of Levi's cousin and videographer Ben Forman. The clip was released online on Monday and it's already had almost 80,000 views on YouTube. "Pretty stoked," the musicians agree. They had a limited budget and no advertising so the song has surpassed their expectations of 300 views a day. (Read More)