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  • Darius Teasley Many rap artists stick to what's safe,cribbing from tired and used formulas that worked in the past, just looking to get by. But there are others that blaz ...


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  • Rich Lloyd of Splash Magazine July 12, 2013
    At this point, Ghozt can go in any direction he chooses. He may continue to explore the progressive aspect of his rap. He may continue to evolve his flow to the set of rock music as he has been doing, or he may incorporate another genre entirely. One way or another, Ghozt teeters on the brink of really pioneering something special (Read More)
  • The Veer Editorial Staff of Veer Magazine Feb. 15, 2013
    Nominated for the Veer best Hip Hop Artist award ('11,'12) (Read More)
  • Caroline Puzzato of The Virginian-Pilot March 6, 2012
    His blend of hip-hop, rock, electronica and punk is.. for the people, but he's trying to create something with lasting value, too" (Read More)