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  • HipHopDX.com June 2, 2014
    Exclusive: Hasan Salaam details mixing adult entertainment with Jet Setting Jasmine and his upcoming album under the guidance of Immortal Technique all in the name of life enrichment. (Read More)
  • AfroPunk Nov. 11, 2013
  • Graig Stanton of TheNewPrint.Org Nov. 1, 2012
    Sitting on your ass is not the the next step towards freedom. Skipping an election is not a stance for equality. No this election won’t save the world, but every small act builds on to the greater. This is about more than the Presidency. If you feel that electoral politics don’t matter, run for the school board in your city and make it matter. (Read More)
  • Hasan Salaam of TheNewPrint.org Oct. 3, 2012
    I have a deep spiritual idea to be the best man I possibly can. I am not dogmatic. I study all I can & find truth in many walks of life. I see Allah/God/Yahweh in all things. To limit yourself is to limit the most high. This is soul music because it comes from every ounce of my mind, heart & soul…. It’s for all people regardless of how we choose to label or not label ourselves. (Read More)
  • Ayara Pommells of StupidDope.com June 3, 2012
    Despite the recognition within the shine of the hip hop mainstream media, he dedicates his time to building community and educating the youth. The proceeds from his last album “Music Is My weapon secured the country of Guinea-Bissau with a brand new school and a new well, and this seems to be just the beginning. (Read More)
  • Jeremiah of KevinNottingham March 8, 2012
    As an emcee, Hasan Salaam has been coming through our speakers loud and clear for a few years now and at the same time, he has been putting in work to make the world a better place. I had the chance to chop it up with him and got to know a lot more about why he is donating all the proceeds of his latest project, Music Is My Weapon to Guinea Bissau, the reason he does a food and clothing drive every third Sunday of the month, how he has evolved as an artist, and more. (Read More)
  • Sherron Shabazz of Examiner Dec. 27, 2011
    I spoke with Hasan Salaam about his decision to help the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, the Islamic influence on his lyrics, and his new EP Music Is My Weapon. (Read More)
  • Adam Bernard of RapReviews Nov. 15, 2011
    A lot of rappers talk about wanting to build something, but very few mean it in the physical sense, the way New Jersey's Hasan Salaam does. With his latest album, Music Is My Weapon, he's hoping to not just continue to build on his already large fan base that knows him from his solo work as well as his work with Rugged N Raw as one half of Mohammad Dangerfield, Salaam is hoping to build a well, a school and a medical facility in Djati, West Africa. He's calling the project It Takes A Village... (Read More)
  • Ruby White of The Mirror: University of North Colorado Feb. 23, 2011
    Hasan Salaam, a hip-hop artist and youth mentor from Jersey City, N.J., gave a musical presentation on the history of black music in the United States and its socio-economic importance in society to communities. Salaam, a freestyle artist, recited a 16-bar rhyme from memory before beginning his presentation, which surprised and hyped up students. (Read More)
  • Tara Diggs of NorthJersey.com Sept. 9, 2010
    Quite popular on both the national and international scene, Salaam has used his talents in a variety of charitable ways. As a way to honor him for all of the good Salaam has done in his short yet successful life, the Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem recently awarded him with the "Veteran’s Veteran Award." Subsequent to this honor, the award will be known as the Hasan Salaam Humanitarian Award. (Read More)