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  • Par Rédaction of Journal Metro July 1, 2013
    La chanteuse canadienne Holly Cole a reçu le 15e prix Ella-Fitzgerald vendredi soir, à l’occasion de son concert au TNM. Créé en 1999, le prix vise à récompenser une chanteuse ou un chanteur de jazz au talent remarquable qui a eu un impact et une influence majeurs sur la scène internationale (Read More)
  • Myriam Lefebvre of Huffington Post June 30, 2013
    L’icône canadienne Holly Cole était de retour au Festival international de jazz de Montréal pour offrir, ce soir, une première de trois prestations entourant la tournée de son album Night, sorti en novembre dernier. La grande artiste a chanté les hauts et les bas de l’amour, s’adressant à un Théâtre du Nouveau Monde plutôt rempli et surtout, conquis d’avance par sa voix sensuelle. (Read More)
  • Ross Porter of JAZZ FM June 30, 2013
    Holly's performance at the Theatre du Nouveau Monde was just that for me. In Toronto, Holly is part of the day to day musical landscape at JAZZ.FM91, so we kinda take how good she is for granted. It is my belief now, after watching her Friday night, Holly Cole is at the absolute top of her game! (Read More)
  • Bernard Perusse of The Montreal Gazette June 28, 2013
    Cole’s three sold-out shows mark the festival favourite’s 24th appearance at the yearly event, founder Andre Menard told the audience before the singer’s band entered from the back of the 850-capacity hall. Cole met them onstage as they eased into a full-bodied Walk Away, one of five well-chosen Tom Waits songs in the 100-minute concert. (Read More)
  • Daniel Lemay of La Presse June 28, 2013
    Parlons d'une forme de bonheur. De bonheur partagé. Holly Cole aime chanter sur scène et elle possède cette capacité de communiquer son plaisir non seulement aux musiciens qui l'entourent, mais à toute la salle. Qui ne demande pas mieux que de la voir sautiller comme une fillette en transe. (Read More)
  • Dominik Kurek of Oakville Beaver June 18, 2013
    Cole said she always has a great time performing in Oakville where the audience is vocal and seems appreciative of her music. “I love playing in Oakville. We played at The Centre a bunch of times and the sound is great and the sightlines are great. It’s really a great place to communicate. The size of it is just great and the band is going to be incredible,” Cole said. (Read More)
  • PETRINA GENTILE of Globe and Mail June 7, 2013
    Today, the internationally acclaimed jazz singer is hitting a career high note with her latest album, Night, and a jam-packed concert schedule that’ll take her across Canada and Germany later this year. Her next gig is at the McMichael Moonlight Gala in Kleinburg, Ont., on June 8. And even though the event is close to home, she won’t be driving her own wheels. After all, it is a vintage car. Just like Cole, her 1968 Ford Gran Torino Convertible shines in the spotlight and is still going strong. (Read More)
  • ROGER LEVESQUE of Vancouver Sun May 29, 2013
    Ever since her 1990 full-length recording debut with the hit record Girl Talk, singer Holly Cole has shown a special talent for plumbing the campy, dated or sexist sentiments of yesterday’s pop hits with a jazzy, satirical twist. It’s all in the subtext, says the Toronto-based chanteuse, a two-time Juno jazz award winner. Check the fresh angle on The Flamingo’s 1959 hit I Only Have Eyes For You from Cole’s new CD Night, her 10th studio album. (Read More)
  • Mike Doherty of The national Post Dec. 3, 2012
    The most interesting people, Holly Cole says, are “bundles of contradictions.” Curled up on her living room couch in downtown Toronto, she’s talking specifically about avant-blues iconoclast Captain Beefheart, whose song Love Lies she covers on her new album, Night — but she might as well be describing herself. (Read More)
  • Scott Tresham of CBC Music Nov. 16, 2012
    With the release of her latest album, Night, just days away, CBC Music asked Cole about her fascination with the dark side of the Earth, and about that night it all began. (Read More)
  • Rolf Thomas of FAZ Aug. 23, 2012
    Es gibt ein knarzendes Geräusch, wenn die Kontrabass-Saite auf das Griffbrett schnalzt. Diesen Effekt macht sich der Bassist David Piltch gern zunutze, um eine nachdrücklich intensive Stimmung zu erzeugen - bei „Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues“ bedient er noch ein paar gespenstisch klingende Muscheln. Mit welch schlichten Mitteln man die dunkle Seite eines Songs betonen kann, dafür bietet „Night“, das neue Album der kanadischen Sängerin Holly Cole, überhaupt reichlich Anschauungsmaterial... (Read More)
  • Craig Dubecki of Velvet Rope Magazine June 30, 2012
    “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle. Jazz music is all about the parts being able to talk and listen to each other, finding a way to come together and allow for a beautiful, sultry voice to give it life with words. The parts include the reformation of the Holly Cole Trio with Aaron Davis on piano/percussion and David Piltch on bass/percussion. Additionally, there is John Johnson (horns/percussion), Robert P... (Read More)
  • Christopher Loudon of Jazz Times June 3, 2012
    Throughout most of the ’90s, vocalist Holly Cole and her trio mates, pianist Aaron Davis and bassist David Piltch, could be counted on for a new album every year. But during the new millennium their output became more erratic, ceasing altogether after their ninth studio release, 2007’s Holly Cole. Finally, late last year, the über-tight trio (augmented by drummer-percussionist Davide DiRenzo, Piltch’s guitarist brother Robert and John Johnson on multiple horns and percussion) reunited for ... (Read More)