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  • Pretty Much Amazing Dec. 21, 2012
    There’s a stunning grace and beauty in the image of a skilled pianist’s fingers fluttering up and and down a keyboard, almost magically casting arpeggios out into the indifferent world. That may sound a bit over the top, but I find it hard not to get sentimental after watching Nicole Miglis of Hundred Waters record “Caverns.” I’d recommend stopping whatever it is your doing, and watching this beautifully shot video in full screen. Thanks to Yours Truly for the video. (Read More)
  • Sophia Ward of Bowlegs Dec. 5, 2012
    The debut record from Hundred Waters is an intricately weaved set of celestial songs built from the organic and the electrical – which roughly translated means it’s bloody gorgeous. 2012 has seen the momentum build for the Florida five-piece, and we for one wanted to climb aboard, hence we tracked the band down during their European Tour to talk Folk, Wonderboom trees and Skillrex. (Read More)
  • Lindsay Zoladz of Pitchfork Oct. 19, 2012
    Experimental pop band Hundred Waters's music sounds like something bubbling up from a desolate swamp, alive with chirps, croaks, and melodies sweet as birdsongs. They use a number of synths and samplers to craft this finely textured sound. (Read More)
  • Jon Pareles of The New York Times Oct. 18, 2012
    "A watercolor wash of possibilities, a suspension of time, an embrace of textural experiment and open-ended expectations." (Read More)
  • MTV Iggy Oct. 7, 2012
    Hundred Waters stop our hearts with this magical stop motion video for their song “Thistle.” The Florida quintet layers ambient electronic sounds with uplifting, folk vocals for music that fires the imagination. (Read More)
  • Gotta Dance Dirty Sept. 24, 2012
    "It’s majestic, ambient yet stimulating, and it’s brought to you courtesy of… Skrillex? Mind-boggling I know." (Read More)
  • Paul Lester of The Guardian Sept. 17, 2012
    No wonder early reviews of this thoroughly modern but heritage-steeped folk album have included talk of "the simply staggering sophistication of [the] arrangements" (Read More)
  • Stereogum Sept. 11, 2012
    Though I think the notion of Skrillex signing a indie rock group that competently combines classical, folk, electronica into a knotty, compelling sound is something people are still scratching their head about, it’s easy to see how anyone could appreciate the types of strange, but familiar, sounds on their recent EP, Thistle. In an era where bands tend to pare back and give ground to accessibility, Hundred Waters is going the other direction. (Read More)
  • Ian Cohen of Pitchfork Aug. 30, 2012
    The avant-folk act on touring with Skrillex and signing with his OWSLA imprint. When Gainesville five-piece Hundred Waters released their gorgeous electronic/avant-folk self-titled debut earlier this year, one of the most remarkable things about it was the sheer quality of sound. Every single sonic detail-- from the sparkling synth flourishes to frontwoman Nicole Miglis' dulcet coos to Zach Tetreault's scuttering percussion-- is so rich and pristine for a self-recorded release that it made yo (Read More)
  • Duncan Cooper of The FADER Aug. 22, 2012
    “Thistle” showcased frontwoman Nicole Miglis’ gentle croon over a restrained electronic beat, and the EP’s cast of remixers kick up the percussion across the board..." (Read More)
  • Ian Cohen of Pitchfork March 30, 2012
    "Above all, they're the kind of discovery it's easy to get excited about: Their debut does more than enough to stand on its own, not only ambitious in its own right, but leaving little doubt about Hundred Waters' capability of handling wherever their ambition takes them from here." (Read More)