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  • Tight to the Nail Nov. 27, 2012
    Not really burdened by a singular style (but with the defining quality of making music that will both challenge you and shred your brain), his releases can veer between experimental noise, distorted and grotty electronica, monstrous sludge and, in the case of this release, a sort of spazzed out grindcore chaos. Ectoparasit is definitely one of the heaviest (in terms of conventionally heavy ie: with guitars and drums) of his ventures I've listened to, and treads a line somewhere around earlier Ag (Read More)
  • DomDomMCMG of Encyclopaedia Metallum March 16, 2012
    The production is far clearer for Skull Incision than it is for Dog Snot and What Makes A Time Bomb Tic, but the music is far worse. The vocals are almost cat like high screeching, and the guitars play some awful mathcore riffs. The drums are mainly fast patterns that don't fit with the rest of the music at all. To be honest, this is all done in a very similar fashion to See You Next Tuesday. (Read More)