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  • Linda Rhodes of Infusion Music Group Aug. 28, 2013
    Infusion Music Group artist KAMEDAH, a talented young songstress out of Atlanta, Georgia, premiered her music video tonight for her debut single,"Don't Act Like (She is Just a Friend)". (Read More)
  • Media & Artist Relations Exec. Linda J. Rhodes of Infusion Music Group Feb. 3, 2013
    Many will enjoy the soulful, sultry voice of Atlanta Neo Soul Songstress KAMEDAH as she is set to release her debut album, "High Alert" this fall produced by the one and only Bryon Scotty Dorris, who has worked with many chart topping artists. (Read More)
  • Linda Rhodes of Infusion Music Group Sept. 7, 2012
    Atlanta Neo Soul Songstress KAMEDAH, who is signed with Infusion Music Group (IMG), returns to Chicago at the end of September to continue working on her debut album set to release in 2013. (Read More)
  • Linda Rhodes of PRLog.com Aug. 18, 2012
    The wait is over as Infusion Music Group R&B/Soul artist KAMEDAH, is set to release the World Premiere Music Video for her Debut Single, "Don't Act Like (She is Just a Friend)". (Read More)