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  • Chris Jones of AU Magazine Aug. 26, 2012
    After receiving excellent notices for their debut album Dinosaur in 2010, John, Shelly & The Creatures did a rather brave thing – they changed their name. Now reincarnated as Master & Dog, the Belfast-based indie troupe are back with their second album. Or their first, depending on how you look at it. You can listen to samples from the album below, read our review here while Ger Gormley from the band talks us through Master & Dog‘s 12 tracks… (Read More)
  • Kirstie May of AU Magazine Aug. 24, 2012
    Marking itself out repeatedly as a different beast from Dinosaur, not here the debut’s bright, breezy pop, but something altogether more grown-up. Revamped and renewed, there’s little doubt that Master & Dog have staked a claim on their new sound – and on the strength of this, they have what it takes to make their new name their own too... (Read More)
  • Tony Clayton-Lea of The Irish Times Aug. 24, 2012
    Tracks such as Small Time, The Way That You Stand, Bad Moon, All Hell Broke Loose, Canada and Pearshaped tingle with the sound of musicians set free from preconceptions. The result is folksier than you might expect, but with enough bite to make you feel the pain... (Read More)
  • 2 U I Bestow Aug. 22, 2012
    Master & Dog ditched the confusing 'John, Shelly & The Creatures' name and focused their attention to create this wonderful self-titled collection of songs... Lyrically this is one of the best albums of the year. (Read More)