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  • Blabbermouth Nov. 30, 2013
    "Broken Pieces" pairs Lynne's soulful vocals and intense lyrics with ultra-heavy guitar riffs, virtuoso drumming and rock solid bass on tracks like "Overflow" and "Chainsaw Serenade", evoking a sound that can be best described as "GARBAGE meets MESHUGGAH." (Read More)
  • Michael K. Willis of Neverending Rainbow June 11, 2010
    "She soars…she growls…she purrs…she belts out blues and testifies to the healing power of rock and roll. She is the real deal. She is the authentic voice." (Read More)
  • Rukshan Thenuwara of Muzik Reviews Jan. 22, 2010
    "On Whiskey or Water, VK Lynne comes close to reaching indie perfection and flourishes a vulnerability that should make her a queen of this often turbulent musical landscape. She wears her scars well and brings strength to several of the autobiographical songs on this well executed record." (Read More)