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  • Michelle Trauring of 27 East Oct. 29, 2012
    Hargreaves released the eight-track “Redemption Center II—Relics, Hell-Licks & Psychedelics,” which features an array of guest musicians, including guitarists Michael Bifulco, Gary Dawson, Anthony Liberatore, Matty Liot, Pete Mancini, Mark A. Schiavoni, Doug Cox, and drummers Dave Martin and Charlie Servello. (Read More)
  • Michael Block of Long Island Pulse Magazine Aug. 28, 2012
    Hargreaves is the quintessential survivor and the soundtrack to his own life is richer than ever... He and ace backing band The King Guys won’t record their debut album until later this year, but after hearing them play in the coveted opening slot of this year’s Great South Bay Music Festival it is clear—they are poised and ready. (Read More)