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Latest Press

  • Jeremy D. Goodwin of The Boston Globe Dec. 28, 2012
    Pauley is not much for the nakedly autobiographical style of confessional songwriting. Each of her songs does spring from her own emotional experience, but she leaves the details vague enough for listeners to fill them in on their own. In tandem with her steady hand on acoustic guitar and a voice that could almost suit a jazzy crooner, her songs often go right for the jugular. (Read More)
  • Meghna Chakrabarti & Anthony Brooks of Boston's NPR WBUR 90.9FM Oct. 31, 2012
    Young rocker Mieka Pauley has soul, a bit of an edge and a Harvard degree. It was was here in Boston that all of the pieces came together. She busked in Harvard Square, sang the national anthem at a Red Sox game, performed at the Newport Folk Festival and shared a stage with names like Jason Mraz, John Legend and other big names. Now, she’s turning into a big name herself. (Read More)
  • Gina Curreri of Dig Boston Oct. 20, 2012
    Her confidence and swagger translates to the stage each time she puts on a show. (Read More)
  • Music Junkie of Music Junkie UK June 21, 2012
    Uncensored, uncompromising, and pouring with unadulterated honesty… Pauley has an extraordinary way with words. ‘The Science of Making Choices’ deserves to be the launch-pad for a very long musical career. (Read More)
  • Nina Corcoran of WERS 88.9FM Boston May 25, 2012
    An extremely talented, accomplished, and relatable artist who wants her friends to succeed as much as she deserves to. (Read More)