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  • Jimmy Morris of HEADUNDERWATER Nov. 22, 2012
    I may be way out of line on this but I’m just gonna say it. The first thing that came to mind when I heard this track from this LA group was this is what it would sound like if Small Black brought a Prince vibe coupled with a post-break-regret-80s-movie-montage. (Read More)
  • Brandon Specktor of CMJ April 26, 2012
    The loft-party poptimists of Mirror Talk are wont to indulge their musical fantasies. Facebook thought experiments like “Prince fronting Echo And The Bunnymen, opening for Elvis Costello…nameless cottage-industry, c-list bands of decades past covering Beyoncé” sound fun on paper, but how well would they translate to tape? Let’s find out together with “Like Magic” from Mirror Talk’s self-titled EP. (Read More)
  • The Deli March 7, 2012
    Going for an arena-level synth pop sentiment, in which they exclaim is it true love with upbeat jubilation, the hyper-balled unabashedly melds a finely-tuned production that feels very now with a glorious sense of the past. (Read More)
  • Mark Schoneveld of YVYNYL Sept. 20, 2011
    They’re taking some cues from the full-on vocal- and songwriting-style of Samuel T. Herring from Future Islands, and you’re gonna feel this baby in its guts. As the tune gets heartier, it’s like you’ve just finished a feast and are laying down with yr honey next to the warm hearth. (Read More)