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Latest Press

  • fromtheinside of Sputnik Music Feb. 15, 2013
    Moth are a marvel to behold. Right off the bat “The Structure” molds a dark atmosphere around a beautiful acoustic intro that grapples with ease. It’s a ride from there – understatement of the year – as the track seamlessly drops into a dazzling display of smooth bass work and a tight rhythm section handled solely by David O'Berry. (Read More)
  • Ciro Guadagno of Intamission Music Dec. 12, 2012
    Endlessly In Motion is the Bone Crunching birth of monster Rockers Moth! With the band having a vision of creating a super force of fans that can rule with an iron fist in the Metal world, this album represents the first steps in that process and what a Giant foot step It is. (Read More)
  • No Clean Singing Aug. 15, 2012
    The music is a high-octane burst of technically demanding melodic death metal with deftly placed keyboard atmospherics, skin-stripping vocals, and a virally infectious melody. (Read More)
  • Andar of Andar's Corner Feb. 12, 2012
    Fast. Crushing. Brutal. They’re all adjectives that describe Moth perfectly. (Read More)