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  • Perry Eaton of BDCwire (Boston.com) Aug. 18, 2014
    "Lead track “Solace” although rough around the edges, is a pretty spectacular pop song. By the time the honey-drop guitar break rolls around, it feels as though the tune has enough four-chord jangle to have been on the “Pete & Pete” soundtrack. That, mixed with a vocal dynamic that meets the harmonies of the Indigo Girls and the nonchalance of Liz Phair halfway, makes for a pretty sentimental but cheerful listen. Powderhouse shows pop rock promise in a pleasantly surprising way." (Read More)
  • Kevin Finn of The Noise March 1, 2013
    A solidly constructed set of power pop tunes...I like this record very much. For the most part it’s more pop than power, but Powderhouse isn’t afraid to throw some fuzzed-out guitar into the mix. Teresa Mastrorilli’s voice has a pleasant lilt, which makes me think of the band as a slightly countrified version of Boy Wonder. The songs are mostly mid-tempo, but they all have life. While the melodies are all instantly hummable, at no point do they feel derivative or overly familiar. (Read More)
  • Douglas Sloan of Metronome Magazine Feb. 1, 2013
    Jangling, introspective power-pop led by Teresa Mastrorilli’s guileless vocals are the perfect complement to Art DaPrato’s fine keyboard accompaniment, Fred Pickard’s understated lead & rhythm guitar, Ray Boyce’s bolstering bass lines and Kevin Moylan’s spot-on timekeeping. College friendly tracks include the hip, Byrds infused album opener “Sheepskin Hollow", the bouncing “Gotta Be With You” and the sassy, in-your-face “Don’t Let Me Down Again". (Read More)
  • Jonny Katz of The Boston Local Music Show (UNregularRadio.com) Oct. 11, 2012
    "I may be a huge fan of bands with women singers, but when it comes to Powderhouse I like them as good as any band. Just like music should be, girl or guy when we all come together and make a cool sounds, it's the only important thing. Powderhouse is an Indie Rock band that could ride the edge of a few other genres as well, extremely talented and hard to turn off, they will be playing on my iPhone for a while." (Read More)
  • George Dow of The Deli Magazine, April 13, 2011. April 13, 2011
    "I was pleasantly surprised when what I got instead was 12 tracks of very enjoyable, Liz-Phair-circa-Exile-In-Guysville, straight up rock music. Theresa Mastrorilli has that same sexy deep voice that was put to such great use on that classic record from 1993; and it certainly doesn't hurt that she's backed by a fantastic band." (Read More)
  • Brian Ball, Director of Music and Talent, WomensRadio, Jan. 19, 2011. of WomensRadio.com Newsletter of WomensRadio.com Music Review Jan. 19, 2011
    Batting second this week on “The Plug” is a group which hails from the east bank of the Charles River in the city of Newton, MA … the band is called Powderhouse and their song, “Kilimanjaro” reminds the listener of hiking trips and vacations which have yet to be executed with a happy-go-lucky pop-rock attitude that screams “play me loud”!" -Brian Ball, Director of Music and Talent, WomensRadio, Jan. 19, 2011. (Read More)
  • The Noise Nov. 1, 2010
    "The sound is shiny bright and everything is played quite right...the guitar leads sounding like Neil Young fuzzed out...these tunes I can truly tout." - The Noise (Magazine), November 2010. (Read More)
  • Douglas Sloan, Metronome Magazine, October 2010. of Metronome Magazine Oct. 1, 2010
    Boston garage-rockers Powderhouse are led by the lead vocal prowess and songwriting of Teresa Mastrorilli. Joined by bandmates Fred Pickard on guitar, Art DaPrato on piano and keys, Ray Boyce on bass, guitar, mandolin and harmonica, and Kevin Moylan on drums, Powderhouse delivers an upbeat set of originals that will hit the college listening crowd square in the face. Best tracks: the bouncing "Kilimanjaro", the simple twange of "Even Though", the rock & roll drive of "Pick You Up", "Coffee Shop (Read More)