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  • JK Drums Jarrett Plett is a drummer/percussionist from Los Angeles, CA and has been playing professionally for 12 years. Originally born in Canada when Jarrett was young

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  • Samuel Ramos of The Source March 4, 2013
    On any given day or night along Granville Street, you will see and hear the city come alive. From drunken revelers, to panhandlers, to painters, to buskers, Granville Street is home to some of the most interesting folk in town. (Read More)
  • Marketwire of Marketwire Jan. 24, 2013
    The Vancouver Spring Show will be MC'd by Vancouver's very own Lien Yeung, Gwen Elliot (MuchMusic, Canadian Idol, Project Runway, Miss World Canada), and Ernest Wu (renowned Mandarin/English MC). Other performers include talents such as Sons of Granville, Wang Yu Yie, Will Blunderfield, Silu Xi, Karen Pitkethly, Lucy Xu, and The Faculty. (Read More)
  • Maximum Music of Maximum Music Nov. 16, 2012
    We here at Maximum would like to introduce you to the passionate, inspiring, soulful and beautiful sounds of Sons of Granville. This Vancouver based trio is comprised of Matthew Lennox (Electric & Acoustic 12 String Guitar), Thomas Beckman (Viola) & Jarrett Plett (Drums & Percussion). (Read More)
  • of April 23, 2012
    Once in a while a busker group stands out. You walk down Granville Street on any given weekend and you’re going to run into a mess of fiddlers, guitarists, drumers and bagpipers filling the streets with music and/or noise. The quality typically ranges from okay to good, but one group in particular grabbed my attention. (Read More)
  • Jasmine Zhu of Jasmine Zhu – Super Poser Series Fashion Blog April 7, 2012
    I have always loved string instruments, the sounds made by a bow against string resonates with my very core. Especially that of which brought forth by the viola. I am not a musical expert by any means, please bare with me as I get across my most genuine feeling of admiration via limited terms I am able to use to describe how their music has moved me. (Read More)
  • The Province of The Province April 3, 2012
    Harbourside Nights is throwing its third showcase. An outgrowth of the Harbourside recording school, the showcases present current students and the night is recorded. Harbourside Nights 3 presents Treebeard, Sons Of Granville, Joel Willoughby, The Colours and National Tape, April 13 at North Van’s Eagles Club. (Read More)