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  • Free-Times April 24, 2013
    Swamp Cabbage — Swamp Cabbage plays blues rock, but it’s not the uninventive re-hash that that descriptor has come to suggest. Walter Parks’ rumbling, rambling vocal style isn’t far removed from that of Tom Waits, an apt indicator of his band’s skewed approach. Yes, these songs push ahead with time-tested riffs and bass lines, but the influences come from all over the map, dipping into Southern-fried CCR choogle, reverb-rich psychedelics and darkly appointed delta swagger, all in equal measure. (Read More)
  • Staff of KY Forward April 15, 2013
    From Northeast Florida direct to Central Kentucky come Walter Parks and Swamp Cabbage! The former guitarist with Woodstock legend Richie Havens, Parks brings his band to Cosmic Charlie’s April 28 at 10 p.m. Parks is known in Lexington for his multiple appearances with Michael Johnathon at Woodsongs Old-time Radio Hour. This is the first appearance in Lexington of his group Swamp Cabbage. (Read More)
  • Boxador Sound April 1, 2013
    Walter Parks & Swamp Cabbage will be one of the highlights of the festival, performing as the encore of the festival Sunday, April 7 @ 4:30p. The southern rock/blues/jam trio headlined by Walter Parks will be a perfect way to wind down a great weekend in St. Augustine. (Read More)
  • SXSW 2013 March 17, 2013
    rom the writers and performers of the theme song for the popular Discovery Channel reality show American Guns, Swamp Cabbage has been invited to SXSW to share their North Florida fatback boogaloo blues and trailer park funk. Humorously christened "the best band nobody's ever heard of " by fans on their recent tour of Spain, this trio is nonetheless engorged with marquee value. For 10 years, bandleader Walter Parks was sideman to Woodstock legend Richie Havens playing such rooms as Madison Square (Read More)
  • FRANCIE JOHNSON of The Crimson White Nov. 29, 2012
    Both culturally and geographically, Tuscaloosa is far from the wetlands of southeast Florida. But Walter Parks, vocalist and guitarist of Swamp Cabbage, plans on musically transporting his audience straight to the bayou during the band’s performance Sunday, Dec. 2, at the Bama Theatre. (Read More)
  • NICK MCGREGOR of Surf Drift Oct. 11, 2011
    Adding to that band’s deep vein of local knowledge, St. Augustine recording guru and seasoned music veteran Jim DeVito joined Swamp Cabbage earlier this year, lending this unique Southern outfit even more North Florida grit. Drift chatted with DeVito about finally hooking up with his longtime friend Parks, his extensive roots in St. Augustine and his love of the recording studio. (Read More)