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  • Ken Richardson of Oct. 22, 2013
    "Prefer tribute albums that re-imagine material instead of just replicating it? Then snap up this set by The Big Bright, an ensemble that combines Ollabelle’s Glenn Patscha and Fiona McBain (at left and right in the photo above) with solo artist Liz Tormes. The subject of this tribute is indeed the 1980s, and the idea is to turn some of that decade’s confections into “New Wave nocturnes.” ...But don’t leave it in the kid’s room; we adults need lullabies, too." (Read More)
  • Cover Lay Down Nov. 15, 2012
    New covers project The Big Bright is still in the early stages, with just two official songs to their name; as such, it’s a bit of a stretch to consider them within a feature designed to showcase full albums and EPs of coverage. But the very premise that brings Ollabelle’s Glenn Patscha and Fiona McBain and “critically-acclaimed neo-noir singer/songwriter” Liz Tormes together is well within our mandate: The Big Bright was formed to pay tribute to 80s New Wave songs, and if the two songs they’ve (Read More)