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  • Myles Herod of Toronto Music Scene Oct. 18, 2012
    "Toe tapping and head swaying jams that make one lose themselves in the haze of on stage alchemy. Indeed, it was blues, sprinkled with a bit of psychedelic swirl. The whole set delivered, leading one to survey the Horseshoe tavern at anytime during 1am set and see everybody dancing." (Read More)
  • Grahame Rhodes of Blues In The NorthWest Sept. 16, 2012
    "Here’s a cracking little 4-track EP that will appeal to all lovers of the ‘down and dirty’ grooves produced by the likes of The Black Keys and The North Mississippi Allstars, as well as a firm nod to the older bluesmen from the North Mississippi hill country" (Read More)
  • Michael McDowell of Aug. 1, 2012
    ‘While the Micronite Filters may have taken their cue from the most obvious sources, theirs is nonetheless a triumph on all counts. To be certain, the band not only has the same right to sing the blues as Cab Calloway did, they likewise have herein demonstrated solidarity with his penchant for adventure...’ (scroll down page) (Read More)
  • Rockin' Frolics of March 6, 2012
    ‘These dudes play music that hits you in your friggen guts. Forceful and sturdy, hard Blues with an ecstatic metal groove, and a whole lot of soul. Body moving and toe tapping... you could feel the good vibe in the room. I looked around at one point to see everyone dancing’ (Read More)
  • Benjamin Boles of Now Magazine Jan. 7, 2012
    t’s usually a sign of a good band when the first few rows of fans at a loud rock show are dancing their asses off, which is exactly the response Oshawa’s Micronite Filters provoked...a bluesier, more soulful version of proto-hard rock acts, tweaking the acid rock formula just enough to sound new again’ (Read More)