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  • Michael Branvold Marketing Sept. 5, 2012
    Today I’m kicking off a new series of video interviews with Erinn Knight the manager of The Silver Comet who just returned from the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. The series of interview will be all about the lessons and experiences they learned preparing for the tour and while on the road. I know there will be some great information for young bands about DIY survival. This is going to be really interesting. This is not a band with a TON of money, a BIG record deal… this is a band of talented kids... (Read More)
  • Indie Hit Maker Aug. 15, 2012
  • My Car and My Guitar July 31, 2012
    One of the most pleasant surprises of our Vans Warped Tour experience this year was our fortune in discovering a hardworking young group from Atlanta called The Silver Comet. The quintet describes their sound as “soul-infused alternative rock,” and between their lively set and the exciting promise shown on their My Fear Of Flying EP, these up-and-comers definitely left an impression. The band – as of yet unsigned – is out on Warped all summer, doing their own merch, travel, and business af... (Read More)
  • Golden Mixtape March 6, 2012
    Firsts. Steps, words, tours. All memorable occasions you’ll be reminded of for the rest of your life when the littlest thing prompts you back to that moment. And for Parry Kitt of The Silver Comet, who knows what’ll conjure up fond memories of their first run on Warped Tour when it’s all over with? But before they hit that hot trail known as Warped, and are tossed into the press corral, we wanted to get a piece of them. So Parry was nice enough to talk summer expectations, Hip-Hop, crime s... (Read More)
  • Melissa's Interviews Dec. 22, 2011
    Here are the members of the band: Parry Kitt (lead vocals) Ben McBride (lead guitar) Jo Jo Carroll (rhythm vocals) Dustin Williams (bass) Philip Shuford (drums) Hometown:Atlanta, Georgia Genre: Alternative Rock band with a bit of Pop/Soul Band: The Silver Comet 1. What inspired you guys to play music? Our individual love and appreciation for great music and desire to share our passion with others. 2. How has music changed your life? It has opened doors for ... (Read More)