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  • Axl Rosenberg of metalsucks.net Oct. 14, 2011
    "...Up-and-coming bands on the bill that are totally worth your time: Barn Burner, Battlecross, and Turbid North... check out this awesome Turbid North live footage. It’s so good it made me aroused and now I need to call my shrink and have some serious discussions about my sexuality." (Read More)
  • MK of Heavy Blog Is Heavy Sept. 29, 2011
    "They heavily infuse classic melo-death, thrash, sludge and post-metal to make a soundtrack worthy of fighting bears in a blizzard." (Read More)
  • J.D. Considine of Revolver Magazine June 24, 2011
    "Distortion-fattened riffs that rise like mountain ranges above the rumbling, double-kick ferocity of the drumming. There’s a genuine sense of narrative to these songs, and the band’s willingness to augment standard-issue shred with fat, old-school lead guitar work (particularly on “The Hunter”) brings palpable drama to the music." (Read More)
  • Dejohn Turner of The Aquarian Weekly Sept. 15, 2010
    "In a word: Solid" (Read More)
  • Axl Rosenberg of metalsucks.net Aug. 30, 2010
    They kick all kinds of ass. Orogeny offers a steady stream of crush-your-ballspectacular riffs, well-structured guitar solos, and massive, booming drums. The production is top-notch too." (Read More)