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  • Indie Week Canada Oct. 12, 2012
    You Bred Raptors? is a busking band from NYC comprised of 8 string bass, cello, drums, glockenspiels and dinosaurs. Donning masks and scientist uniforms, this trio of instrumentalists make prehistoric post rock as cool as Winnie Cooper’s boobs. (Read More)
  • The Deli Magazine Oct. 5, 2012
    We can finally announce The Deli's CMJ 2012 shows! (Read More)
  • The Deli Magazine Oct. 1, 2012
    You Bred Raptors? nominated for Deli's Artist of the Month (Read More)
  • The Deli Magazine Sept. 13, 2012
    Part-time residents of the subway’s best busking spots, playing their sets to Time Square’s puzzled commuters, You Bred Raptors? (the name, a line out of Jurassic Park) is an instrumental trio from Astoria, NY with a taste for strange performances. (Read More)
  • Justin Little of blaqbook Aug. 13, 2012
    I was passing through Union Square the other day and saw these dudes in masks with instruments. Clearly they were going to play some music but I had no clue what kind. These guys are called You Bred Raptors? See what went down! Enjoy! (Read More)
  • Shakefist Magazine Aug. 10, 2012
    Shakefist Magazine is an independent art and music magazine. The idea is that artists have an outlet to share their creativity with the world. There is no criticism like you would get from other media. Everything is printed as the artist intended, no editing your work. Stories, articles, poems, drawings, pictures/photos, recipes, rants, songs, music or movie reviews, or anything else you can think of. It's all welcome. If you would like your work published by Shakefist Magazine, email us a... (Read More)
  • John Schaefer of WNYC July 23, 2012
    From Deep Blue Something’s 1995 single “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to Air’s latest album, Le Voyage Dans La Lune, inspired by the early French film of the same name, you can find many examples of bands drawing inspiration from the movies. But I just got a record from a band called You Bred Raptors?, and it got me to thinking about other quotable moments from the movies that have made their way into song titles, albums titles, and even band names. Here are some memorable lines that most of us ... (Read More)
  • Big Sushi FM July 22, 2012
    There are many things I love about living in the future. For example: video games look really cool these days. Cell phones have convinced people that mobile computing is cool. Also, almost all of human knowledge is a mouse click away. Oh, and a band like ‘You Bred Raptors?’ exists. The musical landscape has abandoned quaint notions of genre, and a new renaissance of fusion music has bred new and interesting polyphonic creatures. Not least of which are apparently: Raptors. God, I love the f... (Read More)
  • minalobo June 14, 2012
    Folks, for this "Tuneage" blog post, I'm not asking y'all a question, but telling you about these terrific New York City instrumentalists whose name is already appropriately phrased to pose the question to a Jeopardy answer. (OK, you'd have to preface it with, "Who are..." but the upspeak inflection's already there, which was generous of them to provide.) You Bred Raptors? are a trio of modern-day minstrels and dinosaur aficionados, with a long-standing tradition of playing in NYC's finest... (Read More)
  • WHOA Magazine May 27, 2012
    Check out their brand of instrumental Rock! Very cool! Born somewhere between the Neolithic Era and the Industrial Revolution, this band of merry gentleman and lady minstrel through the NYC subways with the Music Under New York Program. They also dropkick Woolly Mammoths and go bearbaiting with Polar Bears onefisted. The trio comprised of Epileptic Peat on 8-String bass, Zach Schmidlein on drums and Bryan Wilson on Cello aims to raise awareness about Dinosaur cloning research. (Read More)
  • NY Mag March 8, 2011
    YOU BRED RAPTORS?: Egghead rockers Eplileptic Peat (real name Peter Rains/eight-string bass) and Zach Schmidlein (drums), who named themselves after a line in Jurassic Park. SOUND:Brainy, mellifluous, and a little twisted instrumentals “Our name is a question―the band is an inquiry, not a declarative statement,” says Peat. “I want people to like us but not know why.” BEST OF THE SUBWAY: Freak shows are welcome. Peat was sure they’d be laughed out of their MUNY audition. “I know we’re one... (Read More)