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  • Scion Sessions Dec. 12, 2012
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  • Adam Not Eve Aug. 22, 2012
    The one change that would have made Napoleon Dynamite a perfect movie would have been if Pedro had been replaced with Pablo Alvarado, crazed guitarist/singer of the Mexican fuelled garage band Mesa Cosa. I was lucky enough to have attended Mesa Cosa’s most recent show at Melbourne’s beloved Tote Hotel, which saw them play alongside fellow local bands Batpiss and Baptism of Uzi (both totally awesome bands in their own right) who were all playing support for the iconic Japanese funk punk ban... (Read More)
  • Tonedeaf Aug. 17, 2012
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  • Mess and Noise Aug. 13, 2012
    Mesa Cosa are such huge fans of Japan’s Zoobombs that they funded and organised the band’s latest Australian visit, including a support slot for themselves. In an overload of good vibes, Mesa Cosa’s PABLO ALVARADO got to ask his hero DON MATSUO about the explosive Zoobombs live show and the man's love of both blues and noise before their joint tour hits Victoria and NSW. Dates below. Pablo: The first time I saw Zoobombs was a life-changing experience for me. I thought, ‘Wow, these guys are... (Read More)
  • The Music July 10, 2012
    tour 10 July, 2012 Japan’s Zoobombs are, without a doubt, one-of-a-kind. Born from the feverish mind of their bandleader, frontman and guitarist Don Matsuo, the group chop up elements of rock'n'roll, psych, garage and funk styles and mash it into one crazy musical concoction that is invigorated tenfold when taken out onto the live stage. When performing live the band know no bounds and after successful jaunts with the likes of The Flaming Lips (with whom they toured the US) and old Aussie ... (Read More)
  • The AU Review July 3, 2012
    In this issue: Saskwatch single launch in Melbourne and Sydney, Kidfectious play at Trak Live Lounge, Canyons added to Picnic presents: 'One Night Stand' line-up, My Favourite Accident launch their EP and more... (Read More)
  • Shawn Despres of Japan Times June 7, 2012
    Although their 2009 "Nightfriend of Zoobombs" album featured a dozen of Zoobombs' "greatest hits" completely rearranged and rerecorded, "The Sweet Passion" is the quartet's first proper studio full-length since 2006's "B*B*B." The Tokyo rock stalwarts recorded "The Sweet Passion" in Oakland, California, with producer Greg Ashley (from the underground psych-rock band Gris Gris) and in Japan. "The Sweet Passion" is a far trippier affair than the eclectic, poppy "*B*B*B." And while these new ... (Read More)